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Please read regarding requests

Postby fightfan on Mon Feb 19, 2007 12:27 pm

Sup yall!
Sometimes when Nichx is doing a pic, it may not be EXACTLY how you wanted it. But as I stated in an earlier e-mail, he is doing 1 (sometimes more) pic(s) for you for 20.00 a month. Any other artist will charge in excess of 100.00 for 2-3 pics on 1 page. If you dont believe me, search for good artists, and see how much 1 character is. Usually 30-50.00. So if its not EXACTLY how you wanted it, we apologize but hey, we wont see it like you do. So please be content with the content LOL!! Constumes and positions can change ESPECIALLY if we dont have any reference pics. So please post ref pics any time you request or email Nichx directly so he knows what you want. :-)

And Im just the messenger, so please dont email me any requests cause ill mess it up when I send Nichx the idea.

Please e-mail with any requests! :-)

Thanks for your consideration
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