Rumble Roses! 1 vs. 3

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The question you won't to see Reiko win or...want to see what you want to see?

Reiko wins! She runs away dyes her hair blonde and comes back as Rowdy Reiko and kicks their asses... :lol:
Dixie slams Reiko on the ground and spreads her legs in front of the turn buckle, Dixie jumps out of the ring and grabs Reiko's ankles, then pulls and smashes Reiko's crotch into the turnbuckle multiple times
Reiko and Makoto spreads Reiko's legs and Mistress then whips Reiko across her stomach, chest and yes...the soft spot
No votes
Makoto crawls on top of Reiko and uses that-weird-rape-move-in-which-she-grinds-the-other-girl
Total votes : 17

Re: Rumble Roses! 1 vs. 3

Postby Mr.Grim on Wed Mar 23, 2011 3:43 am

haha yes that is what I meant :twisted:

Nichx makes Dixie a lovely loser! It's a joy to watch Reiko toy with the CowGirl.
:twisted:{{{{{{{{{{Master Grim}}}}}}}}}} :twisted:
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Re: Rumble Roses! 1 vs. 3

Postby Yumiko on Wed Mar 23, 2011 7:08 am

Heh, i love to hear it XD :lol:
In a second you’ll be wrapping around my finger!:Р
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