Monsters Vs Maidens II (Vampire vs Muscle Girl)

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Monsters Vs Maidens II (Vampire vs Muscle Girl)

Postby Melgeezy on Sun Dec 17, 2017 7:45 am

Greetings Nichx, I come to you with a request for the members board involving one of my recent role plays and the unfortunate demise of my Heroine! If you have the time and find the idea captivating, I will post the details below this message.

The lovely women meeting her untimely end will be this gorgeous morsel here.

Hori Yuka, a warrior woman who uses her honed body and nothing else to over come any obstacle, but will ultimately fail against a most erotic vixen posted here.


Mistress Shuuten, a devious vampire used seduction magic to fool the brave and unsuspecting Hori Yuka. With the belligerents set the sequence of panels will go as such...

In the first panel Shuuten has our dear Hori handcuffed with her hands behind her back topless and completely infatuated with her predator. Shuuten gently fondles her breast as she sits topless on the bed they are on all the while nibbling and kissing her neck.

For the second panel we jump right to Shuuten's voracious attck on poor Hori! Hori lays on the bed as she struggles to break her bindings as Mistress Shuuten bites deep into her throat as he sucks her precious blood and life out of her!

Finally, we get to the third panel. Where Hori's lifeless body lays on the bed her throat soaked in blood and Mistress Shuuten laying next to her and admiring her bare, muscular, yet feminine body while he gently runs his hand across her abs and bare breasts.

And so this concludes the untimely end of my brave heroine Hori Yuka, I post it on this board because I thought it was terribly erotic, romantic, yet horrific all at the same time and figured it would make for a great fight fantasy sequence.

I would like to add that the model is naturally flat as you can see, but if you'd like to give her larger breasts I would truly enjoy that. The characters are wearing the clothing exactly as they are presented. With all of this stated, I eagerly await your approve if you wish to accept my request. Thank you for your time and allowing me to be a member of the best female combat board in existence!

Your fan,

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