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Freedom- Portrayed by Alexandra Daddario
Kallista Kane- Portrayed by Kylie Jenner

Freedom walked proudly out of the Capitol City Courthouse after turning over the wanted villainess 'Domina' to the authorities. "Another one bites the dust, "the beaming super heroine muttered happily as she stopped on the steps to smile and wave at news cameras while the media and her fans jockeyed to get a look at Capitol City's favorite daughter.

Ally Dawson had been raised on a farm far from the glittering lights of Capitol City. She'd laid awake imagining escaping the drudgery of chores for life in the big city. As she matured, Ally noticed her body was changing, but far more dramatic than the other girls. By her senior year in H.S. Ally could tip a tractor with one arm and see through walls. Then, one April morning...she had jumped the stream on the family farm and accidentally discovered that she could fly!

When she got home, she excitedly told her parents the news. That's when they revealed the truth about her past. Ally wasn't from this planet! Eighteen years before, Jonathan and Martha Dawson came across a small craft that had crashed on their farm. Inside was a small baby; a girl; one they'd raised as there own. Ally! Jonathan explained to the stunned teenager that they'd researched phenomena around the time they found her and discovered there'd been a meteor shower the night before. It had come from the sector of the sky where there had once been a planet called Terra. Terra had been in a system with a red sun, and Earth's yellow sun had given her super power.

Ally struggled with the knowledge about her heritage for some time. Then during her freshman year as a journalism major at State College, she received terrible news... her adoptive Earth parents had been killed in a mugging in Capitol City. From that day on, Ally Dawson vowed to use her powers to rid Capitol City of Crime!

FREEDOM was born!

Freedom basked in the admiration of Capitol City's residents as she stepped in front of the TV news cameras in her iconic red one-piece with a flowing blue cape adorned with Stars and Stripes. Ally stood on the courthouse steps, her bearing tall and erect, her figure statuesque. She assumed her 'hero pose', hands firmly on her hips, her head slightly cocked to one side, her brown hair ruffled by a soft breeze; her brilliant blue eyes blazing the fire of righteous indignation as she spoke.

"Domina is done for, "Freedom said in a clear, strong voice. "As usual, she proved no match for ME! As long as Freedom is on patrol, the good people of Capitol City are safe! "As was often the case with the still insecure young woman behind the mask, Ally, as Freedom couldn't resist boasting. She was rightly proud of her accomplishments and despite the accolades and admiration that surrounded her, she felt - after all she'd lost and what she'd given up - that she deserved still more!

A cheer went up from the crowd as their beloved heroine, bent her knees, waved, and leaped into the sky, soaring away and disappearing into a gathering bank of ominous dark clouds.

Watching on TV, Kallista Kane had a strong urge to puke. Again, the damned whore calling herself Freedom was hogging HER social media, HER Instagram, HER Facebook, HER Twitter. That snippy little do-gooder was every freakin' where! Kallista could take small solace knowing that her follower count of 3,000,000 blithering idiots devoured every picture she took. Why not? Kallista's long black hair, DD bosom and, awe-inspiring ass hypnotized her followers - especially the men. Kallista clicked over to Freedom's page to see what "super bitch "was up to today. When she saw it, her blood boiled and she clenched her fists so tight her faux nails cracked.

Freedom - 3,000,001 followers!

A Cab driver below Kane Tower spun out and crashed into a fire hydrant as a cellphone smashed through his windshield from 90 floors above.
* * * *
Kallista was a wealthy young heiress, daughter of the head of a crumbling criminal empire. Her father, Richard Kane, had been an infamous crime lord who'd ruthlessly controlled all crime in the United States... until Freedom arrived on the scene! The All-American heroine dismantled Kane's underworld operations piece by piece, and finally she put the old man in jail!

Kallista grew up having her picture in the tabloids, dodging paparazzi and media at every turn. By the time she was a teenager, she wholly embraced the infamy her family name inspired. Now in her early 20s, Kallista Kane's name was one of the most-followed on social media... worldwide!

The young socialite had dabbled in modeling, Instagram ads, she even made a record - which received lukewarm reviews from a reviewer who disappeared shortly thereafter and was never seen, or heard from again. But Kallista's one and only real interest; the place where she spent most of her time and energy, was in the world of crime!

Kane inherited untraceable billions when her father died in prison and, for the last 3 years, she'd spent millions on researching Freedom; her background, her friends, her likes, her dislikes. Kallista was looking for any vulnerability. Kallista was obsessive and vowed to stay with her search as long as it took to find some thing or some one she could exploit to bring down her most hated and reviled enemy... and her only true rival for the attention of Capital City.

When Kallista's assistant nervously handed her a new iPhone, Kane grabbed and, seeing she had a new email, opened it and her eyes lit up as she read the subject: TERRIUM!
* * * *
Ally Dawson returned to her (secret Headquarters and hideout) a modest apartment in a three story walk-up. There she removed her iconic mask and changed out of from Freedoms sexy and confident outfit into Ally Dawson's predictably drab, hum-drum wardrobe. The stunning brunette put on her geeky, horn rim glasses and prepared to return to her day job as a reporter for the Capitol City Crier. Both Ally and Freedom had been hot on the trail of Kallista Kane for months. But the crime heiress was too well insulated for Freedom to make a public accusation of wrong-doing. But paper trails and forensic accounting were what Ally Dawson lived for.

After countless hours of legwork, and good old-fashioned detective work, the dogged reporter had finally gathered enough information to publish an article that skillfully connected Kallista's well-known charity 'Kane Kares' to millions of dollars embezzled from City Orphanages. Ally had the bitch cold!

She smirked as she took a sip of her latte, turned and then hit 'send', shooting the story down the electronic pathway and into her editor's in box. After years of dispatching villains in the Capitol City, today it was Ally's turn to bag the biggest, baddest, fish of all!
* * * *
Kane couldn't be bothered to read headlines in the morning Capitol City Crier. She was locked in the basement research facilities at Kane Tower in the heart of Capitol City Square. Kallista sat back in her large black chair, put her feet up on her desk and stroked her kitty. Her Siamese cat 'Vain' listening to her highly priced researchers break news of their own! After 3 years and almost $400,000,000, her team of highly priced mercenary scientists and and investigators had their own bombshell. They'd broken the code! The stunning news? Freedom was unlike any woman on Earth because...she wasn't from Earth!

Kane's team had investigated every site and every incident Freedom had been involved with for years. They'd found a trace of a new element and tracked it to a long destroyed planet They called the element, TERRIUM.

Kallista could hardly believe her eyes and ears, but there was no denying the evidence. Her scientists deduced, after analyzing all the evidence, that Freedom had originated on the same planet as the Terrium element..Terra. They postulated that the element could - maybe - neutralize Freedom's super abilities - or maybe only partly neutralize. After months of painstaking research, the team had found a long forgotten meteor event in farmland outside of Capitol City some 31 years ago. Kane's team had secretly purchased the land from the bank that owned it, then had begun to mine the surrounding field until they unearthed a tiny glowing green rock.

Kane's usually pretty face twisted into a wicked, feral, grin finally; her effort had paid off. She greedily grabbed the glowing stone and clutched it to her bosom. Now, finally, she'd found a weapon she could use to defeat that big titted super bitch. "Call my jeweler, "Kallista purred to her assistant.

" more thing "she asked her team. "The name of the person who owned that land before the bank? "They showed her the paperwork....

Kane?s morning grew even brighter as she looked at the byline on the Capitol City Crier Ally Dawson then she looked at the original deed to the Farmland "willed to Ally Dawson"

Kallista clapped her hands as she laughed...and laughed...and laughed.
* * * *
Ally Dawson's expose created massive shock waves in Capitol City. The mayor called the city council into emergency session; the lights burned late in the district attorney's office; Capitol City was hard at work preparing to present the case against the criminal heiress. Ally had carried the ball to the 1 yard line, now it would be up to Freedom to punch it into the end-zone.

Freedom spoke to reporters in front of city hall, She held aloft the copy of the newspaper with the front page headline and article, "...written by my good friend, Ally Dawson."

"It's time Miss Kane surrendered... to me... personally, "Freedom said in stentorian, take-no-prisoners tone. "She must return the stolen money to the children of Capitol City forthwith. I will be in the middle of Capitol City Square in front of the Kane Tower at 5pm tomorrow to receive either her check, or her surrender. Make it easy on yourself, Kallista."

Every phone in the city lit up with a blast from Kallista Kane. There, of course, the obligatory pouting selfie of the heiress accompanying a shocking message:

"I am innocent of the charges in the Capitol City Criers FAKE NEWS! I have my own evidence that will expose the TRUE identity of the thief who stole the money my father was wrongfully imprisoned for stealing.

I'm sick and tired of this... this FREEDOM person, continually trying to take the law into her own hands. I hereby challenge Freedom to a Charity Wrestling Match in the Capitol City Square tomorrow night If she wins, I will donate to the city - from my personal funds - an amount equal to all the money stolen from the city. BUT IF I WIN Freedom must remove her mask to reveal her secret identity!"
* * * *
Freedom didn't take any time at all to consider the reasons behind Kane's brazen challenge. She was right and there was no way she would hesitate or look weak. Might makes right, she remembered reading somewhere as a child.

Kallista Kane's challenge was still galloping around the world on the wings of the Internet by the time Freedom's reply got saddled up and rode off in pursuit.

"I accept, "Freedom said with a brilliant, radiant, confident smile
* * * *
The next night, thousands descended on Capitol City Square. Surrounded by light and video boards the Square was the epicenter of the bustling metropolis. At its heart was Kane Tower tall and ominous. In the center of all the commotion Kane's people had constructed a wrestling ring surrounded by spotlights and cameras.

A buzz enveloped a crowd of thousands of citizens packed into a makeshift arena hurriedly erected in Capitol City Square. They were there catch a glimpse of their beloved heroine in action. An equal number were hoping to see Kallista Kane be put in her place, and more than a few were the women of Capitol City who were tired of Kane's face on all their boyfriends and husbands cellphones.

Freedom glided like a songbird high above the skyscrapers approaching the brightly lit Capitol City Square, decorated brighter then the annual Christmas tree. A roar from the citizens erupted when Freedom gracefully descended to hover above Kane?s wrestling ring; her prize 34D's rolling and jiggling gently on her touchdown. Freedom looked absolutely radiant in her iconic Stars & Stripes outfit, her bright blue eyes burning through her world-famous blue mask.

Ally Dawson was totally prepared for Freedom's defining moment. She stood tall, her fists at her waist exuding the power and confidence of the worlds greatest super heroine Ally wondered what would be the best way defeat Kallista without seriously injuring the mortal who dared challenge her.

Freedom and her adoring public waited for her opponent and waited and waited. Freedom held her pose as she wondered if Kane had chickened out after issuing such a brazen public challenge.

Suddenly, every light in the square went dark except those on Kane Tower. In the darkness, every video billboard flashed images of Kallista Kane accompanied by blaring rhythmic music. It seemed that Kane controlled the entire Square. Nice trick, Freedom thought to herself with a smirk.

Then the doors of Kane Tower burst open and Kallista Kane appeared in a heart-stopping black catsuit. The raven-tressed heiress tossed her hair as she walked with determined purpose across the square to the ring in a pair of sexy high-heel black boots. There were surprisingly a few catcalls or whistles from the booing crowd. Kane ignored the slobs and peasants in the square to focus her attention on her hated rival waiting for her in the ring. Video coverage of Kane walking to the ring were protected and blown up on all the screens. Many noticed what appeared to be a small glowing jewel on a chain around the villainesses neck and down into her slightly exposed bosom.

Ally couldn?t help noticing Kane?s jewelry as well. "I wonder if she bought it with the money she stole, "the Heroine wondered.

Kallista approached the ring ropes, stopped, then slowly entered the ring - making sure to give the men of Capitol City an extra long look at her world-class ass as she bent under the ropes.

Freedom felt an unfamiliar twinge in her gut as Kallista approached her. The legendary heroine dismissed it as simply disgust at Kane?s sensual provocation of the crowd. Kallista walked in a slow circle around the waiting heroine, playing to every corner of the crowd before finally turning around to face Capitol Cities Favorite daughter, chest to chest, in the middle of the ring.

Freedom stood an impressive 5?8 "but in her black heels, Kallista stood nearly eye to eye with the super heroine as their prodigious bosoms touched. A ring announcer and referee, on loan from the CWF Capitol Wrestling Federation, stood beside the two vixens.

The ring announcers deep voice echoed through the open air arena, magnified by the PA system:

"Ladies in gentlemen, this is a special event. All proceeds will benefit the Children of Capitol City
This will be a ONE fall match and may be ended ONLY with a pin or submission by prior agreement, if FREEDOM wins Kallista Kane will surrender to the authorities and donate all of her assets to Capitol City. If Kallista Kane wins Freedom will remove her mask and reveal her identity to the world!"

Then he turned to the to combatants and said, ?Ladies?.lets get it on!?

The crowd roared as the announcer hurriedly left the ring and the two women continued to stand jug to jug, their eyes riveted on each other. Neither had spoken since they entered the ring.

The uncomfortable sensation in Ally's gut continued to grow as she stood toe-to-toe with her rival God the bitch is making me sick to my stomach, she thought.

"Enjoy your last few minutes of freedom Kallista FYI you may want to switch up your perfume It's making me ill."

Kallista cocked her head, smiled, and hissed "Oh it's not my perfume, Ally."

The Bell rang just as Kallista finished her threat, gravely confusing Freedom. "Did did she just call me Ally? "the heroine asked herself, only adding to the growing pit in her stomach.

The bell still echoed as Kane aggressively reached back and delivered an ear ringing SLAP to the momentarily confused super heroine's face. The crowd gasped as Freedoms brunette hair flew back and saliva spewed from her lips. There was no doubt about; Kallista Kane meant business!

Freedom snapped back to the task at hand, ignoring her momentary confusion to expertly dodge the advancing villainesses next several attempted strikes. Kallista moved forward behind a flurry of wild lefts and rights, none of them came close to landing on the gracefully moving Freedom. Kane had trained in combat for years anticipating this battle with Freedom, but nothing she did could have adequately prepared her for the real thing.

Freedom grew tired of ducking and weaving and decided to give her loyal fans a bit of a show. She stopped and gestured to the frustrated villainess, offering to let her take a free shot! The All-American girl stood in her power stance, her head high, chin out, and invited Kane to, "Give me your best shot."

The crowd roared as Kallista reared back and launched a brutal uppercut to Freedom's taut abs. Ally saw the blow coming and tensed her abs, her body absorbed the blow but she couldn't keep from blurting out a barely audible gasp of pain.

Kane's fist bounced off Freedom's solar plexus and Kallista she screamed in pain, grabbing her throbbing hand in her other hand. Freedom had given the people their show, but she was silently grimacing at a sharp pain

"God that felt like the slap .can Kane really hurt me? "she wondered as she put a brave smile on her face as she watched Kane drop to her knees holding her hand to her chest. Freedom grabbed the embattled villainess by her long black hair and flung her across the ring into the far turnbuckle.

Kane rebounded off as the ropes launched her back toward the middle of the ring where Freedom met her by again grabbing her hair, whirling and sending her to the opposite turnbuckle. The crowd was on it feet cheering as Kallista again bounced off and stumbled drunkenly back toward the center of the ring.

Freedom heeded their cheers and scooped the dumbstruck villainess up and pressed her high overhead. Kane dangled high in the air as Ally held her up so the world could see what happens when an evil challenges the legendary Freedom. Keen ringside observers couldn't help but notice a tiny, if barely evident, wobble of the heroines arms as she held Kallista overhead.

"What did this bitch eat . "Freedom thought. ?She's almost...heavy?"

Freedom dropped Kane with a ring shaking Power Slam, planting the heiress flat on her back near the ropes. Ally turned her back on the flattened villainess as she strutted around, her arms raised, playing to her adoring public. After Freedom had basked in the cheers of her adoring fans, she decided it was time to end this farce. Her task was almost over, but Ally Dawson had things to do... namely prepare her Pulitzer acceptance speech.

The bombshell heroine walked triumphantly to the seemingly KOd Kane and placed a boot on Kallista's stomach. Then Freedom raised her arms and barely listened to the referee's count

2 .
3 .

The crowd roared, but the referee screamed "NO! "and pointed to Kallista?s foot which was dangled limp over the bottom rope. Kane, perhaps unwisely, had staved off defeat and shocked the audience!
Freedom took exception to Kane?s insolence and the way she'd made the super heroine look foolish. She grabbed the villainess and snatched her to her feet by the hair.

"OK, you want some more, Kane? "Freedom grabbed Kallista in close and squeezed her in a crushing bearhug so tight the black haired bitches eyes almost popped out of her skull

"Tell me honey, "Freedom asked. "Are you afraid of heights?"

Fffff ffff fuc yuUU . Kallista couldn't finish her retort because Freedom shot them both into the air where she stopped and floated high over the ring. The crowd craned their necks, looking up at Freedom who now floated in a mutual Bearhug high above Capitol City Square .

"She should be be squealing, "Freedom through as she squeezed Kallista. " something's wrong. "Then Freedom felt Kallista start to squeeze her back and she felt the full weight of the heiresses heavy tits.

"Whats wrong Freedom, not feeling well? "Kallista asked through clenched teeth.

Freedom felt an unfamiliar sensation, like all the power in her body was being drained out through her pours. She looked down at her jugs straining under the onslaught by Kallista's catsuit covered pair. She was seemingly being hypnotized by the glowing rock nesting in Kane's cleavage

"The rock... "Ally said aloud as her flight power began to fail

"Bingo bitch ! "Kallista screamed as she leaned back, then slammed her tits into Freedoms revered rack. Her concentration broke as her boobs absorbed the full weight of the villainesses assault. Both women plummeted to Earth. But only Kallista had the presence of mind to twist her body over to top of her plummeting heroine in the instant before impact!


The City shook as Freedom hit the ring on her back, her body absorbing the full impact of Kallista's thick body. Kallista's prodigious pair smashed Freedom's flat and Kallista literally bounced several feet back into the air off the prone stunned super heroine The crowd was shocked into a stunned silence as they watched their heroine struggle to fill her lungs with oxygen. She rolled onto her side and coughed as she slowly struggled to her knees, then leaned forward on all fours.

Kane loomed ominously over the struggling super heroine Freedom couldn't make out a shout of warning from the ringside seats begging her, "LOOK OUT! "Kallista's black boot reared back like and NFL kicker and as she drove her foot forward,..


Kallista's vicious kick lifted Freedom and sent her airborne a good four feet and her body flipped over to land tits up flat on her back in the middle of the ring. Freedom could barely hear Kallista's voice over her own wheezing and gasping for air.

"Feel that Freedom.. or should I say .Ally Dawson? That feeling is pain one you will be come well acquainted with before I'm finished with you, you slut!"

(cough) "Hu ..ho .how "the wide-eyed Freedom asked.

Kane stroked her stone between her swollen breasts. "It's called Terrium, bitch and it's the end of FREEDOM!"

Freedom tried to process what was happening Kane had laid a carefully executed trap and she'd stupidly fallen headfirst right into it. Worse it seemed the evil heiress somehow knew her secret identity.

"Must fight back . "Ally told her self as she slowly heaved herself to her feet. The crowd sat in complete shock as Freedom's legs wobbled under her as she staggered like a new-born fawn.

"Get it together, YOU ARE FREEDOM, "the heroine told herself as she tried to ignore the pain radiating her body and sought to find and replenish her lost strength. With Freedom back on her feet, the two beauties circled each other for several moments before Kallista attacked with a sudden sweeping kick, her foot smacking Freedom?s thigh forced the All-American girl back a step.

Kallista raised her fists and moved in to finish her off, but was stopped in her tracks by a straight punch to the face. Now Kallista had to back off, shaking her head with a groan. Determined, Kallista again pushed forward, looking to get inside Freedom's longer arms. But the All-American brunette used her longer left arm to jab Kallista in the face, popping her time and again, holding the villainess at bay; hurting her; frustrating her.

As Freedom regained some of her super heroine cockiness, she started to dance around the shorter villainess with effortless grace as she continued to pelt the seemingly flatfooted heiress at long range. As she boxed, Freedom was beginning to understand that, whatever the jewel was around Kallista?s neck, that was what was causing of her legendary strength to fail at an alarming rate.

A swift kick to Kallista?s left hip brought a pained moan from the hurting bad girl, followed by an angry hiss. Smiling, Freedom swung her right to blast Kallista squarely on the nose! Kallista cried out as she staggered, but quickly recovered and charged angrily back on the attack. Her eyes menacing, Freedom side-stepped and kicked out all in one smooth, fluid, move. Her kick caught Kallista on the side of the knee and it buckled. Kallista moaned, but she quickly straightened and doggedly kept coming at Freedom, forcing her into a tactical retreat.

Kallista, seeing Freedom backing up, lunged forward and put everything she had into a straight right that slammed into the center of Freedom?s chest, right between the two big white stars jiggling proudly on her boobs. The taller brunette groaned, gasping for air as her retreating feet picked up speed.

Sensing weakness, Kallista bared her teeth, chasing after the retreating super heroine. Having found the range, Kallista rocked Freedom again, landing two hard solid punches to her head, a left and then a wild overhand right that staggered Freedom! Kallista kept coming, ramming her breasts into Freedom's, nipple-on-nipple. Kallista, now inside Freedom's faltering defenses, pounded the heroine with a series of short, hard, brutal body blows, each of them wringing a grunt, a groan, or a moan from the fast-fading brunette as her lush torso shuddered under a barrage of heavyweight blows.

"Come on, 'Super Bitch! "Kallista taunted. "Wassasmatter? "she asked as she wrapped Freedom in her arms and applied a Bearhug with rib-crushing force! Kallista bent her knees, slid her hands lower on Freedom's back, then she powered upward, lifting the brunette crime fighter off the mat. As Freedom squirmed in her hip-encompassing embrace, the sexy villainess hissed venomously into Freedom's belly as she held her up, "Too bad for you, super-slut; but Im just gettin started!"

As Kallista clung tight to Freedom's waist, she shook her like a dog with a bone, whipping her torso back and forth as she snapped her side-to-side, then forward and back, all the while, her powerful arms were compressing Freedom's slender waist.

Her battered body dangling in Kallista's iron grasp; her limp arms flailing and flopping as Kallista angrily shook her limp torso, Freedom's legs hung limp shook loosely as her head snapped side-to-side with each wrenching shake. And each time Kallista shook her, Freedom would groan helplessly as she was shaken and tossed about like a rag doll. The pressure on her lower back and her proud midsection became unbearable as she struggled futilely against the vile heiress?s all powerful embrace. Freedom's once gorgeous face now twisted and contorted as she grimaced in abject agony.

Unlike the sounds of a defeated and humbled woman issuing from the now swollen and bloody lips of the erstwhile heroine, Kallista, on the other hand, merely growled as she continued to increase the pressure on Freedom using her strong legs, powerfully muscled thighs, and iron willed backbone. Kallista stood with her feet spread wide apart, her short legs perfectly placed for ideal balance as she shook her rival with increasingly brutal force. The villainess was determined to wring the life from the annoyingly beautiful heroine... Kallista's only real rival for the love, adoration...and the desire of the entire Capitol City male population.

Despite her pain, and apparent pending doom, Freedom nevertheless maintained her determination to, somehow, escape from her tormentors clutches before all life - and resistance - could be crushed from her aching body. Freedom put her hands on both sides of Kallista?s head, then stabbed her thumbs into both of the villainesses dark, soulless eyes! Kallista screamed as she instantly released Freedom and stumbled backward, her hands reaching too late to cover her now sightless eyes.

Baring her teeth in a vicious grimace, Freedom snapped out her right foot and landed a kick squarely on Kallista?s belly button. Her booted foot struck with a loud SMACK! and Kallista doubled over, her hands dropping from her face to her belly as all the air was driven from her lungs. Not giving the evil villain a moment's respite, Freedom grabbed her hair, pulled her forward and drove her knee up into Kallista?s chest, crushing both of her heavy breasts flat!

Freedom growled, "Now lets see who cant take what!"

Kallista was thrown back by Freedom's knee lift and as she windmilled her arms trying to stay upright, Freedom walked with her, pushing her back to the ropes where she used her knee again, this time slamming it into the wicked witches belly. Kallista's body folded forward; her mouth gaping wide seeking air; gasping and gagging, her hands holding her churning belly, her once powerful legs threatening to collapse beneath her at any moment, Kallista had never looked more like a beaten woman!

"Had... enough... Kallista? "Freedom panted, her eyes hard and cold as she stood tall before her bowed adversary. Taking a handful of Kallista's hair in one hand, the All-American beauty pulled the evil woman's head back to stare into her pain-slitted eyes. Not content just staring, Freedom SLAPPED Kallista with her free hand.

"You only lasted this long against my power because of this so-called, Terrium, "Freedom said as she reached deep into the dark depth of Kallista's cavernous cleavage to grab the jewel. But as soon as her fingers touched it, the mysterious green glowing stone burned her fingers as she emphatically ripped it off of Kallista's chain.

Not wanting to hold the jewel any longer then absolutely necessary, the perplexed heroine wound up to throw the glowing element as far as possible. Kallista, breathless and half blinded, nevertheless made a final, feeble, attempt to save her Terrium bauble. She reached up and tried to grab Freedom and stop her as she wound up to throw. But it was no use. Kallista's hand slipped off the All-American's forearm and Freedom sent Kallista's 'secret weapon' sailing off into the darkness surrounding Capitol City Square.

"Now the world will see for who you really are! "Freedom said, smirking confidently as she pulled the thrashing heiress up and whipped her body clear across the ring. Kallista landed in a heap in the opposite corner, and crumpled on the canvas, cowering as Freedom ignored her and played to the cameras and the crowd. There were two personality traits both Freedom and Ally shared in equal and huge quantities; those were hubris, paired with their burning desire to be loved!

Freedom looked up at the video boards displaying the running count of Freedom and Kallista's social media followers. Every second Freedom stood watching entranced, Kane was losing one follower after another. One, two, three, the counter kept rolling downward, subtracting number almost as fast as the human eye could follow! Below, in much smaller size, Freedom was adding followers at an even faster rate. Freedom smirked proudly, then got back to the business of Kallista.

"Time to finish this bitch off," she thought as she turned slowly back around.

But instead of Kallista's broken and battered body sprawled on the canvas, Freedom was surprised to see Kallista was back on her feet, leaning against the turnbuckle, casually reaching behind her with both hands, slowly unzipping the back of her black catsuit.

The men in the crowd went wild as Kallista, with tantalizing slowness, peeled down the skintight latex outfit to reveal her body in all its splendor in a heart-stopping tiny black bikini. Freedom immediately sensed something was amiss. Few women on this planet possessed a bosom capable of standing up to Freedom's. Until tonight, Ally Dawson hadn't thought that Kallista Kane was one of them. But she couldn't deny the evidence of her own eyes. There not ten feet away stood a villainess with a gravity-defying, bombshell rack, that tested the ability of her black bikini to even barely contain it!

Freedom cautiously approached Kallista, concerned that if Kallista took a deep breath, her top may snap and put out the eye of a spectator in one of the front rows. "I don't know who your plastic surgeon is, "Freedom said snidely. "But he's going to need more silicon after I get done with... those! "

Freedom chuckled at her own joke as she circled Kallista, proudly thrusting out her own legendary - certified organic and all natural - D?s; inviting comparison to Kallista's - obviously - enhanced, and obviously so, fake breasts.

Not bothered in the least by Freedom's - clearly jealousy-inspired - insults, Kallista unfurled a sly grin as she motioned toward Freedom's - obviously excited by the competition - chest with her middle finger indicating it was time time for their 'girls to come out to play.

Freedom, as ever, was more than confident, she was eager and willing to oblige. They ran at one another and collided chest-to-chest in the center of the ring. The TV cameras in Capitol City square captured in close-up the instant of impact as they focused on the four breasts at war in the ring.

Freedom felt the instant shock of the impact that rattled her fair jugs from the weight of Kallista's black bikini clad bombshells.

"Ohhhh... some... somethings terribly wrong! "Freedoms brain flashed an alert to her chest. "Her stone is gone but my power... still... still..."

Freedom's thought was stuck in an endless loop, unable to finish before Kane stepped back and again charged, driving her radiant rack into Freedom's iconic assets. Once again, Kallista caught the faltering Freedom in a vice-like Bearhug, then started to squeeze with all her might. Instinctively, Freedom lifted her arms to retaliate, squeezing back despite the rapidly building fatigue in her biceps and core.

"How do you like them Freedom? Kallista asked her grimacing rival. "I'll give you my doctor's name. He can give you a pair at a discount... cut rate tits for a cut rate has-been super heroine! "she laughed. Then Kallista boasted, "Terrium enhanced breasts they'll be all the rage by tomorrow morning's news."

When the villainess arched her back, her black bikini obliterated the twin stars on the front of Freedom's straining top.


Freedoms mind raced as she hung on for dear life. She was so preoccupied trying to keep her boobs from from being flattened, she failed to notice the fatigue radiating through her once super powered body.

"This this isn't... possib... "Freedom's babbling was short-circuited when Kallista lifted the heroine off her feet, then leaped and body slammed Freedom down under her, Kallista crashed on top of Freedom BOOB-ON-BOOB almost driving her through the middle of the ring!

Kane's Terrium Titties didn't beat Freedom's patriotic pair, they literally CRUSHED them against Freedom's rib cage, expelling every molecule of oxygen from her Terran-bred lungs.

"OOOooooooo.... "Freedom tried to scream but she had no breath to fuel her cry.

Kallista couldn't keep from smiling as she looked up at the big video boards to watch the slo-mo relay, over and over. Now Kallista was regaining her fickle followers with each blow she delivered to the struggling super heroine. She grabbed Freedom by her long brown hair and savagely yanked her to her feet.

Standing Freedom up swaying unsteadily in front of her, Kallista unleashed a scalding bitch slap that spun Freedom's head around 180 degrees; her loose hair whipping up in the air as she stumbled and staggered like a newborn doe face first into the ropes where she slumped with both arms hanging limp over the top strand.

Freedom hazily stared into the crowd, her face betraying her confusion as to how she was being subjected to the beating of her career and the insecure young woman within couldn't understand why the men in the audience seemed to be cheering for Kallista?

As she slowly managed to raise her head, the first sight that met Freedom's eyes was one of the big monitors showing her social media count. Both women's numbers were even at 3,000,000 followers whereas a few moments ago, she'd been well ahead of Kallista's rapidly plummeting count.

She should have been focusing on Kallista - as her remaining loyal fans were desperately trying to warn her instead of her fast fleeing followers, but before she realized, and understood, the danger, it was already too late!

Kallista came up behind Freedom and, in an instant, spun the dazed super heroine and smashed her hands on the outside of Freedom's breasts. As her breasts were crushed together, the two stars were launching like projectiles off the tips as the entire front of her top was blown wide open!

Freedom's celebrated D jugs spilled out and bounced free, her nipples coming instantly erect as they were exposed to the cool night air. And Freedom's horror was only starting! Over Kallista's shoulder she saw her breast in close-up on every monitor in Capitol City Square!

"No No OH No... "the innately modest Freedom whimpered as she grabbed them with both hands, covering the tips under her palms, her fingers, unequal to the task, nevertheless were spread in a vain attempt to hide as much innocent flesh as possible from the leering masses. Of course, her face instantly flushed bright red with humiliation and embarrassment.

"Oh-oh, big mistake bitch, "Kallista Kane chuckled as she swung her her right leg back like Messi.
The rampaging villainess blasted Freedom between her legs so hard her foot lifted the heroine completely off her feet. Even before Freedom's feet returned to the ring, her brain had registered the awesome pain and sent her hands down to protect her injured crotch. Freedom's body had gone on autopilot; her brain was no longer concerned with defense but in easing the pain flooding her mind with urgent calls for help.

Kallista stood looking at Freedom with a measure of awe. Not awe of Freedom's beauty, or her lush - now for all purposes topless body - simply in awe of her own ability to reduce such an impressive creature to a whimpering, tearing, shell of a woman so completely and in such a short time. Still, there was more work to be done. Kane readied herself to deliver her coup de grace.

For the most part, the crowd sat dumbfounded in near silence as they Kallista Kane wound up and fired two sledgehammer uppercuts, one into each of Freedom's exposed, heaving, breasts. The villainesses hateful fists hit with a sound like an explosion as they impacted the underside of each of the brunette crime fighters iconic breasts, blasting her bouncing bombshell boobs back into her own face.

Then Kallista stood and - in a gesture mocking Freedom's 'dominance' pose, put her hands firmly on her waist and watched smirking as the All-American heroine collapsed in slow motion, toppling over to land flat on her back tits up, eyes wide in total tit-shock, her lips quivering, and her formerly flawless tits sloshing back and forth on her rapidly heaving chest as her body tried to find the air it needed to let her scream at the top of her lungs as she lay spreadeagled in the center of the ring.

Freedom's eyes were too filled with tears to make out, let along comprehend the scene on the massive screen over the ring, from the camera on the roof of Kane Tower that showed her spreadeagled body stretched out at Kallista's feet to all the world.

Freedom was still conscious barely... as she struggled to regain her senses. Her eyes couldn't tear themselves from the image of herself on the giant monitors around the square. To her, it almost seemed she was seeing a dream, something happening to some else. Then, to wake her from her horrible nightmare, Kane?s black bikini covered ass appeared above her to block out her view of the monitors as Kallista slid back to plant her voluptuous, derriere on Freedoms waiting face.

The All American beauty only had time to utter one short squeak of protest before the 'blackout' that plunged her into a hot, moist darkness. Unable to breathe, Freedom bucked, twisted and kicked with all of the little strength she had left. But her mild resistance prove as pointless as her resistance to Kallista Kane had turned out to be. Kallista just sat there, the two glistening globes of her infamous ass totally engulfing the struggling Freedom's face, smothering the legendary super heroine into slow, ignominious, oblivion.

"How's THAT feel, bitch? "The leering villainess asked as Freedom thrashed helplessly beneath her. "Enjoying your time down there?"

Freedom's only reply was in the form of a series of small, weak, muffled sounds. Arching her back and twisting her hips from side to side, Freedom wasted the last of energy in a futile and hopeless attempt to break free... but she could not! Deprived of oxygen, her body shutting down, her struggles quickly died until the only sign of continued resistance was the unconscious twitching of her legs as her feeble slapping at her tormentors hips and thighs slowed..then stopped as her hands dropped limp at her sides.

Dripping both sweat and conceit, Kallista smiled smugly and wriggled her hips, her wide-spread ass-cheeks tightly gripping her enemies face in a tight, mashing, grinding, suffocating, hold that would only end if, or when, Kallista decided that Freedom had suffered enough. If that time ever came!

"Dont stop now, baby, I'm having a great time up here! "Kallista laughed as Freedoms hands and arms splayed listlessly to her sides. "Here, let me do it for you! "

The vicious victorious super-villain gave her own ass a few spanks that made her glistening flesh jiggle and shake. She finished her 'victory ride' with a flourish, raising her arms overhead and humping energetically until Freedoms twitching stopped completely and she lay still as death.

The referee signaled for the bell and when it rang the battle was over Freedom was FINISHED!

Rising slowly to her feet, Kallista straddled her unconscious foe, her sweat-soaked body erect, an unmistakable aura of victory surrounding her like an un holy halo. Hands on hips, Kallista looked into a ringside camera, her face wearing an expression that was a mix of triumph and challenge; her Terrium infused bosom rising and falling rapidly as she struggled to get her excited breathing under control.

"Whose ready to see the face of Freedom, "Kallista asked the fans. "Do you want to know who your so-called 'unbeatable champion' really is? "Kallista's likeness smiled wickedly down from every monitor in the square. She could not have been more satisfied with the Social Media statistics which were now officially a 'runaway' in her favor:

Kallista 3,100,000
Freedom 2,990,000

Freedom's lead, once approaching 500,000, had evaporated in moments, and was now a landslide toward Kallista. Freedom's followers were deserting her in droves and - Kallista knew - that when her alter ego turned out to be not only "just "a hack reporter, but a fraud as well, she might hit rock bottom by mid-morning.

Many of the fans in the Capitol City crowd had already been seduced by the victorious villainess as - mostly male - voices called on Kallista to remove the shattered heroines mask.

Freedom was rudely shocked out of her Kane-Ass induced slumber when she awoke to find herself crudely posed on her knees in the ring in Capitol City Square. She had been positioned facing toward Kane Tower where the roof top camera was capturing close-up views of the action and feeding it to the world at large via Internet and satellite live broadcasts. The black bikini clad Kallista Kane stood ominously behind the humiliated heroine as camera zoomed in tight to Freedom's masked face where a stream of tears left moist tracks on flushed cheeks which still reflected light off the moisture left behind by Kallista Kane's behind.

"Are you ready for your unveiling? "Kallista hissed to the once mighty Maiden of Truth Justice and the American Way.

"Ppppp pllle please No you've won Ill disappear... go away. Never bother you again. Just... please.. leave me my mask "Freedom begged piteously, unaware the entire world had heard her beg for mercy, her willingness to abandon all she'd pretended to care for merely save her own precious privacy.

"Sorry BITCH FREEDOM? IS ?.FUCKING?. FINISHED! "Kane screamed with a sick glee as she tore the iconic mask from the decimated do-gooder's tear stained face. "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN I GIVE YOU... ALLY DAWSON "Kallista proclaimed to a world-wide audience of her newly minted followers.

Ally's heart broke as she saw her face exposed and her name broadcast throughout out Capitol City and the world.

"No .no this cannot be how it ends, "Ally blubbered as Kallista held her head up by the hair, showing off her prey to the unwashed masses.

"Oh you youre right slut this is NOT the end! "Kane seethed as she grabbed Ally's face and turned it toward the largest of all the screens in Capitol City Square. The crowd of onlookers turned away from Freedom's destruction in the ring to gawk at the image of a bank account in the name of 'Ally Dawson' that was shown on the monitors. As the importance of the reveal became clear, a low murmur of outrage swelled within the ranks of the masses.

$21,000,000 dollars was the amount shown in 'Ally's' account coincidentally, the same exact amount that had been stolen from the Capitol Cities orphans!

"My GOD!"



"BUT SHE WROTE THE ARTICLE! "came shouts from several women.

"SHE FRAMED KALLISTA KANE! "came shouts from random men, then it was picked up and repeated by more and more in the crowd.

Kane stepped away from the bewildered reporter cum super heroine kneeling in the center of the ring as boos showered on Ally Dawson.

"No .. please .. no . It wasn't me... "she begged, her words drowned out by the irate screams of the crowd. Some began to throw drink containers, and trash at the former FREEDOM. After far too long, a cordon of police appeared and began to restore a modicum of order, although calls of "Justice for Kane "continued to be heard from rabblerousers hired by Kallista to keep the citizenry incensed and not let the hatred of her latest victim die.

Then three police officers approached the ring and Ally sighed with relief. At last, she'd be freed from Kallista's even grip, her innocence explained and and then what?

"Miss Kane, we?ll take it from here, "the sergeant said. "This CRIMINAL is going to jail. "He bent, handcuffed Ally's hands behind her and hauled her to her feet by one elbow, her bare breasts bouncing and jiggling... and nobody even bothering to stare at them any more. They were no longer the breasts of a beautiful young heroine, they now looked to everyone like the tits of a thief and liar. Hardly worth a glance... not when compared to sweet, innocent, Kallista Kane's Kans!

"Tell you what boys, "Kallista said. "Why dont you leave her to me? I'll teach her a lesson she'll never forget, and - there'll be a nice donation to the Capitol City Police Christmas Party from my Kallista Kares charity.

The officer sergeant shrugged and handed Ally to Kane so she could dispatch her own form of "Justice. "Ally's heart sank as the police turned and walked away as the public she'd once sworn to defend, resumed hurling insults and trash at her. "I'm all alone, "Ally realized as Kallista grabbed her matted sweaty hair and dragged her out of the ring on her knees.

Once out of the ring and on pavement, Kane removed Ally's handcuffs from her wrists, and put them on her ankles, making it impossible for her to run away, then kicked the battered brunette to all fours and pointed to Kane Tower a hundred, or more, yards distant.

"Crawl Slut "Kallista coldly ordered, adding a SPANK on her ass to get Ally started. Ally had no choice whether to comply, because the angry crowd surrounding them only parted on one side to give the two woman a clearing and that side was toward the dark and foreboding looming Kane Tower.

The ex-super heroine's career flashed through her eyes during the agonizingly slow crawl - one foot at time - through the angry mob. All her victories, all the criminals she'd brought to justice all of it gone in the blink of an eye...and at the hands of possibly the worst criminal Freedom had ever faced, Kallista Kane!

Halfway to the street, Ally broke down sobbing and collapsed only to receive a spiteful kick in the ass from Kane. The people cheered. Dawson continued her pitiful journey on her hands and knees with her ankles cuffed she could only make short progress and it felt like she was only inching along. Her bare, exposed, breasts swung freely in the cool night air as the temperature seemed to be dropping as rapidly as the number of Freedom's followers on social media!

More and more trash was being thrown on her, and once the crowd ran out of paper cups, and hot dog wrappers they begin throwing bottles and cans. When those ran out, a few started ripping up paving stones and throwing them. But that was quickly stopped when one just barely missed hitting the heroine of the day...Kallista Kane. The Mayor couldn't have that happen on his watch and he send the police special squad to be personal bodyguards for Miss Kane.

Kallista and Ally slowly, but finally reached the entrance of Kane Tower. Ally turned to look back and the last thing she saw before the heavy brass door swung shut behind her was the Social Media counters one last time what she saw confirmed what she'd been hoping was just a nightmare had indeed been all too real.

Kallista Kane-5,999,999

Kane was delighted and grabbed an onlookers phone to take a selfie of herself and her prisoner with the giant scoreboard as backdrop .

"Well, well, well, "she said. look who's name is Freedoms last follower - ALLY DAWSON. .. Welcome home Ally!"
* * * * * * *


Kallista Kane looked over Capitol City from her penthouse office slowly sipping a freshly brewed expresso. Her body was still sore from the events of the night before but nothing could dampen her mood Capitol City now belonged to her. A buzzing at her office door called Kallistas attention. She swiveled her large black chair and hit the button under her desk opening the doors.

Ally Dawson shuddered as the doors opened and she entered Kane?s private office. Kallista couldnt hide her glee at the sight before her? The woman formally known as Freedom was dressed in a revealing French maid?s outfit complete with a Terrium infused cuff around her long neck. Ally Dawsons arms were trembling holding a tray with her conquerers breakfast and a folded up newspaper , The Capitol City Crier. The shattered super heroine couldnt bare look Kallista in the eyes as she delivered breakfast to her desk.

Kallista grabbed the EXTRA edition of the Capitol City Crier and flashed a wicked grin as she laughed aloud revealing the headline to her newest subordinate.


Freedom would have never been seen crying but she was dead and buried

Ally Dawson broke down and wept..

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