Lei Hom the Tiger Mom (OC Bikini Wrestler)

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Lei Hom the Tiger Mom (OC Bikini Wrestler)

Postby Melgeezy on Mon Nov 13, 2017 8:08 am

Name: Lei Hom
Alias: The Tiger Mom
Age: 52
Abilities Grappling, Acrobatics,
Quirks: Pompous, balky and ornery, half naked (wears only tiger stripe bikini)
Equipment: Tiger Strip Bikini and Tiger Stripe Mask w/ feathers.

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Lei Hom better known by her stage name The Tiger Mom, is a former wrestling sensation who fought for the Dragon Gate Circuit in Japan. At the age of 52 she's had an overall mediocre career with mid card sagas serving nothing more than piece of eye candy and a jobber for the majority of her career. With her bikini body highlights well past her. She finds herself being forced out of a career for up and coming younger talents. Alas, prior to her retirement Miss Hom decided to utilize her skill set one final time, but this time in a much more grim environment. Lei has always enjoyed her performances, but has always had an interest in joining the Hero Association (ヒーロー協会) or Hiro Kyokai. Since she was a child Lei has always been daring and tested danger whenever she could. She fought in most school clubs such as the likes of Hapkido, Kata, and even Western Wrestling, but now before she fades into obscurity she would like one last to burn with a dying passion! With nothing more than fighting the low lives and criminals of the crime infested slums. With her skills and a little luck, Lei Hom hopes to catch the attention of Dragon Gate once again and seek a new height of her wrestling glory!

Lei Hom has spent most of her life half naked in a tiger stripe bikini for her shows and fan base. Even at the age of 52, she is still an attractive woman if not a little worn. Lei Hom herself is Pompous in nature and egotistical. Holding a high opinion of herself and her grappling abilities. Never one to back down form a challenge as fighting is all she knows. Her pride can cloud her judgment more often than not and has led to her shortcoming numerous times. Now, with nowhere else to turn she seeks to restore her fame once more by taking a challenge most people and even hero's would think twice about.
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