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Debra Dukes OC Panel

Postby Melgeezy on Mon Feb 26, 2018 11:04 am

Greetings Fight Fans, I come to the Diva Board once again to get a OC request from Nichx. That is if he has the time for it and wishes to do so. I'd like to submit my lovely little heroine I have appropriately dubbed Agent Debora Dukes! Yet another bikini clad spy of mine bound in restraints for our viewing pleasure! <3

The image is rather large so I posted it in this link, right here -->

Here is a picture of the models face for reference as well Image

I would like our dear heroine portrayed in a peril scene spread eagle as depicted here >Image

The idea is that our poor Debra has been captured and put into bondage restraints under a torturous bright light that is forced to make her sweat as a from of punishment/torture until she gives into her captors demands! :mrgreen:

If you'd care to take my request I would be delighted and honored you've done so Nichx. Of course I understand that you are quite busy with requests on a daily basis and of course this request is open to your interpretation, but I will be most happy with the outcome regardless if you so choose to accept! :mrgreen:

Thank you for your time and allowing me to be a fight fantasies patron and thank you for your daily devotion to this erotic website!

Your fan,

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