Take it to a Vote!

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Take it to a Vote!

Postby Mr.Grim on Wed Apr 13, 2011 11:37 pm


Vote to determine "Who is Hotter?"
Vote to determine "Who would win?"
Vote to determine "How badly should X lose to Y?"

A fun use for example...

Vote to determine Story progression!

Match up: X vs Y

Background to story
Current events in story
Then Poll options to determine next part of story

Option 1: X puts Y in a head lock and screams "Take this you Ho!"
Option 2: X slams a fist into Y's bare breast making Y scream "Aiieeee!!!"
Option 3: Y Counters X Attack and slams a knee into X's belly!
Option 4: Y unloads punches to X's face making her nose bleed!

For back and forth matches add equal options of positive outcomes for each fighter or one sided matches all positive ones for the winner.

So have fun with your polls and lets get to VOTING!!
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