Radio MARCA: Only technology can clarify if Suarez's goal wa

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Radio MARCA: Only technology can clarify if Suarez's goal wa

Postby Son sovan on Mon Dec 18, 2017 3:24 am

Barcelona have been no strangers to sbobet ca refereeing controversies this term, especially after they saw a perfectly good goal missed against Valencia, however, Andujar Oliver made clear that only technology could determine if Luis Suarez's shot was over the line against Depor.The Uruguayan forward had the opportunity to score from a difficult angle in the last action of the first half on Sunday; the former Liverpool star attempting a rabona shot only for the goalkeeper to claw the ball away.The goal was not given by Mateu Lahoz, sbobet ca however Radio MARCA's refereeing analyst had sympathy with the official who was forced to make a snap decision with only one look at the situation."Only technology can determine whether Suarez's shot was over the line," he explained on air."You must give the official the right not to award the goal in this case."Movistar+ run their own mock-up of the technology in use across other European leagues, after the footage was reviewed through the system it was determined that the entire ball didn't cross the goal-line and the referee made a correct call. sbobet ca
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