Cosplay Contenders for the current CPC title holder

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Cosplay Contenders for the current CPC title holder

Postby Melgeezy on Thu Aug 31, 2017 6:58 am

Greetings one and all! As some of you may have seen about a month or so ago I opened a venue for some of our more amateurish models in efforts to give them the lime-lite. As a promoter for my current Trophy Girl Little Finch, I come hear reaching all my fellow managers, promoters, and board members looking to book the next big blockbuster for my Cosplay Heroine. I would love to continue this series and if any of you know of any prospective talents or up and comers I will more than surely welcome them and gladly consider giving them a title shot against my hunny bunny Miss Finch. If we collectively roster a list of Cosplay models it would make for a more dynamic category with a plethora of possible title bouts.

So if you have a girl in mind any girl really! Porn star, actress, role player, or just a plain geek. Go ahead and list them below so we can have a stacked roster of possibilities. :mrgreen:
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