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Fantasy Characters, Superheroines, or Any Other Being!
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Welcome to Fantasy Match Ups Board!!

Postby Mr.Grim on Wed Apr 13, 2011 10:59 pm

Alright everyone welcome to the place where you let your wildest ideas come to life!! Anything goes and reality and real life rules do not apply!! 8)

Here is an example of a Fantasy match up!

Female Stormtrooper (star wars)



Paris Hilton


So then feel free to setup any background for the match up or any number of outcomes you feel would be great for discussion!

Example: Paris is out partying, drinking, and being the rich bitch she can be! Drunk out of her mind Paris is getting out of control. Name calling, shoving other party goers, and being rude. When all of a sudden Paris is face to face with one of the Galactic Empires most secret weapons! The Female stormtrooper! Male hard on giver and female demolisher the female stormtrooper warns Ms Hilton to restrain herself and leave the grounds immediately.

Paris drunk and stuck up pours her drink onto the stormtrooper. "Make me Helmet head!!" Paris slurs as she giggles aloud the trooper is unamused and prepares to enforce a Galactic sized ass beating on the prissy princess!


1. Trooper batters the drunk whore all over the club. Before removing the beaten and begging for mercy Paris.
2. Paris surprising puts up a fight smacking the stormtrooper around a bit before the trooper takes control.
3. The Trooper full of herself toys with Paris but is taken down by a low blow allow Paris to take over and defeat the trooper, Stripping the trooper of most of her clothes and helmet.
4. Board Member Imput!

So how ever you wish to make your posts, just have fun with it and let your imagination take over!!

Anything Goes!
Any Match Up you Want!
Any Rules you Want!
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