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Revised Rules: Diva Board

Postby fightfan on Tue Jan 19, 2010 7:57 pm

This forum is NOT for fight requests. It is for requesting creation of Divas, Diva Teams, and issuing match ups between member teams which then go to polls in the "Take it to a Vote!" board.

Please don't post saying "I want this girl to fight that girl"

Only pictures of the lady being nominated please, multiple pictures of her are more than welcome, but each girl must have her own topic post. And specify if you wish the Diva to share a certain look to any of the photos!

And Teams List your Divas you wish to have paired in the Teams post and allow nichx time to work on a team photo for you! Be Patient please he is very busy. Feel free to ask me (ChaosWolF9) or Nichx how the progress of your photo is coming along :mrgreen:

This will be a place for future divas to be chosen and drawn then add to our list of Divas! :)

Thank you everyone for your participation!

Edited By WolF Since I can't make announcement posts on the board lol :twisted:
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