Welcome to the arena

A role playing arena with permanent death, no celebrities or established characters.

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Welcome to the arena

Postby meinteil on Tue Aug 23, 2016 5:58 pm

Welcome to the Gladiatrix arena!!

General function
This is going to be a gladiatrix role playing game where there will be a selection of women available to have fight for you with wepons. But the the catch is that this game has permanent death, meaning when a fighter has been killed that's it, she's dead. Non of the choices will be celebrities or fictional characters outside of this thread, just "esclussive" Female warriors that try to kill each other for the crowds entertainment. Different fighters will use different weapons, have different outfits, and different personality types. If you want to put together your own fighter that's an option you just need to do is comment her details in the fighter section and I'll add her to the roster and put that she's your fighter. After a fighter is defeated I will add them to the Crypt, along with her info, who killed her, and how they killed her.

There are multiple ways to have a match, you can arange one where your fighter will take on another specific fighter, or by open challenge, where your fighter will take on a random woman that accepts the Challenge. Not all the fights have to be to the death, if the winner so chooses she can show mercy for her defeated opponent.

The Goal:
Your goal in the fights is to have have your fighter win by commong up with logical ways they can defend, dodge, and attack based on their stats. If you can't come up with a realistic way for your fighter to survive and kill her opponent you lose and she will probably die.

Coming Soon

Archived fights:
As fights come to an end I will be taking them down from the Arena section and putting them in a seperate section, this is to avoid clutter.

How to claim a Fighter:
In order to claime a fighter you comment under the "Gladiatrix" secttion that you want for example "Trish" and who ever comments first gets the fighter.

How to create a fighter:
All you have to do is post her details or pm them to me and I'll approve and add her to the roster, and after she's been added I will delete the original post.

Different arena types:
There are three arena types, Melee Arena (where there are only wepon vs wepon fight) Championship Arena (Coming Soon) and Fire arms arena (Where only gun fighters will fight).
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