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Rules for art idea submissions:

1. No characters younger than 18 drawn in any fighting or any kind of sexual fantasies whatsoever. Any requests will result in your account being banned for LIFE! NO lesbian fantasies will be done for models or characters we know to be under 18.

2. No references to God or Jesus or any religious tones in your script or wording for your pic

3. No men beating up helpless women pics are allowed, but men fighting and hitting strong women are ok (Wonderwoman, Supergirl etc) They must be able to defend themselves for the idea to be done. Women are able to beat up men all they want. :-)

4. Men fighting men is ok, but the page must include 2 women either fighting or making out.

5. Art with more than 2 characters is limited to 1 panel only for your monthly idea.


Fightfantasies Team